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St Bartholomews Church, West
Smithfield, London
13th June 2016 - 16th June 2017 Radiance 135Radiance 135

It is a great pleasure and honour to announce the installation of 'Radiance' 135cm in the Church of St Bartholomew the Great, in West Smithfield, London. St Bartholomews is the oldest parish church in London, with sections dating back to the 11th Century, and it is an incredibly beautiful and atmospheric environment to display artistic expressions of transcendence.

'Radiance' was installed on 13th June 2016, and will remain in St Bartholomews for one year.


Zig Zag Zen

Zig Zag Zen cover picture

The new edition of Zig Zag Zen is now out, edited by Allan Badiner, art editor Alex Grey, featuring artworks from Sukhi Barber, Amanda Sage, Android Jones, Alex Grey, and many more, together with articles from such visionaries as Ram Dass, Terence McKenna, Ralph Metzner PhD, and many more.

Book openings:
Rubin Museum, New York, with introduction from Alex Grey, Allan Badiner and Julie Holland. 17th June 2015, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Watkins Bookshop, London, UK launch and book signing with Allan Badiner, Sukhi Barber, Rick Doblin, Robert Forte and Daniel Pinchbeck. 9th July 2015.



Sculpture Line – Prague, Czech Republi

10th June - 30th September 2015Sculpture Line logo

Sukhi is proud to announce that she will be taking part in the 'Sculptureline' outdoor exhibition for monumental sculptures in the city of Prague. The exhibition will run throughout the city, and Sukhi will be exhibiting Emanation, 270 cm (106”) in the public area of Prague International Airport.

The exhibition opens on 10th June and runs until 30th September, 2015.




Albemarie Gallery - Piccadilly, London

14th April - 7th May 2016
excell 135

Sukhi Barber is very happy to announce her new solo show with the Albemarle Gallery. She will be exhibiting several new pieces, including three large-scale works (135cm) one of which is 'Excell', pictured above.
Sukhi will be present herself in the Albemarle Gallery on Saturday, 16th April, to meet interested visitors, and explain the motivation behind her work.




ArtMoorHouse - Moorgate, London

5th April - 31st May 2016

Emanation 270In connection with Sukhi's solo exhibition at the Albemarle Gallery, she also has a satellite installation at ArtMoorHouse, in the heart of the financial district, of her large-scale sculpture 'Emanation' (270cm).